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sexual addiction. what is the solution?

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y does everyone say that masturbations is GOOD for health when its not?
i have been masturbating since i was 13. i'm nearly 23 now. i 've never had sex. i weight even less than 50kgs at this age. over the years i've tried so hard to give it up but i just can't. nobody knows about this. my parents always wonder y am i so weak. in the last seven yrs i've only been 2 my gp once for a full check up and they said i was fine. my fmily tells me 2 go 2 the doctor again. but i just can't fearing they'll find out. i don't know where its gonna take but i've wrecked my life. i can't even look women in the eye. if i ever find someone i can settle down with, i won't be able to please her. whenever i masturbate, i only last 10-20 seconds. whats the solution? please dont say that masturbation is perfectly normal.
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