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Sex right before period ?

Last night I had sex late at night with a girl, and she got her period either in the middle of the night or early this morning. We began by using a condom with spermicide but we decided to take it off and for maybe a minute it was unprotected. We stopped before I came (I do know the risk of pre-cum).

Although she may have already gotten her period when we were having sex, and got it right after, anddd it was only unprotected for a minute without me coming (and the spermicide on the condom before that), I am still very very worried.

I'd appreciate any thoughts on the chances, as I am very concerned.

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replied May 29th, 2009
Hey, it's great that you're well informed but I don't think you have anything to worry about. While nothing is 100% effective except abstinence your chances of her being pregnant are extremely extremely low because you used the spermicide. While its true that pre-ejaculation MAY contain some sperm, the fact that you used spermicide before you took the condom off means it would have stayed inside her, so any sperm that may possibly have come near her in that one minute would have likely been killed off by the spermicide anyhow Smile so good job thinking ahead. If you're really concerned (which is good because it means you're taking this seriously) and you think you may keep having sex with her suggest she go on birth control AND use a condom as that would minimize your chances of pregnancy dramatically!
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