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sex problem with my wife. have completed 3year marriage

Hi All,

First, I thank to the health forum to provide the forum.

I usually not discussion about sex I have completed 3year marriage
I did not take any precautions, but still we did not get any body.
I don't what's wrong happen, but some observation is there for me

1) Less time less than 10min
2) Some time Sperm will not come will don't sex.

Please advise me one need to consult to doctor to not?
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replied February 27th, 2014
Extremely eHealthy
Hello Suman,

I don't think English is your first language as your grammar is difficult to understand.

It is clear you aren't comfortable talking to strangers about sex and I think you are saying you and your wife haven't used any contraception in the three years of your marriage but she is not yet pregnant.

I think you are also saying that sex is over very quickly but sometimes you aren't able to ejaculate? Please correct me if I have misunderstood.

Even a man and a woman who are in good sexual and reproductive health can have some difficulty making a pregnancy and some help and guidance from a doctor could be needed.

Some women get pregnant easily and some don't. Sometimes there is a problem with fertility of the woman and sometimes it is the fertility of the man that is reduced. If pregnancy doesn't happen it is easier and cheaper to test the man's fertility and mostly easier for the man to take remedial action.

Before resorting to doctors you need to be certain you are depositing sperm inside your wife's vagina when she is fertile.
Your wife should receive your sperm laying on her back with her pelvis raised on pillows. Her knees should be raised and she should remain in that position for about twenty minutes to half an hour after receiving the sperm.

Keep trying for several months more concentrating your sexual activity between each ovulation and the second or third day of her period. If she still isn't pregnant in about six months then consult your doctor.

It is important to keep your testicles cool so you must wear loose underpants (preferably no underpants at all) and loose trousers. When sitting in private, place something cool under or around your scrotum. Don't masturbate very much.

I think it would be better to post again with more details about any sexual dysfunction you are experiencing before I attempt to advise you about that. Are you taking any medication?

Good luck!
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