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Sex issues in lesbian relationship? Possible trans?

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I've been dating my girlfriend for over 4 years. I love to please her but I can never be pleased in return. It's nothing she does, and she's good in bed(when I can allow her to please me) but I just can't let her please me most of the time.
We get into it but when she tries anything, it's as if my body doesn't want it anymore. I cry for no reason most of the time. Even the thought of her doing anything brings tears to my eyes sometimes. When she is doing something, I will start to cry and she thinks she hurt me but she didn't. I just to be okay with it, in fact I used to love it. But now the thought of any vaginal intercourse brings me to tears. Without meaning to, I'll push her hands away while making out or when she tries to do something I'll hold her arms/move into a position where she can't do anything. I don't even realize it until she mentions it. It's like my unconscious is really uncomfortable with her doing anything to my vagina.
At first I thought it could be due to the fact that I've been molested in the past but that wouldn't explain the times we were able to have intercourse. I've never been comfortable in my skin because of those situations but with my girlfriend it's been different. So not being able to let her do stuff is very strange.
My friend said maybe I'm transexual and that might be why I'm no longer okay with anything being done to my vagina. I dress like a guy, cut my hair like a guy, and I love to do anything that makes me look masculine. I've shopped in the guys section of stores since I was in elementary school. I've cut my hair and have done everything possible to look masculine since I was 15(wanted to beforehand but boy clothing was all my mom would allow because she "Gave birth to a girl not a boy"). I'm now 18 and I feel like I can't get masculine enough. I've even thought about taking testosterone just for the masculinity it would give me(Facial hair, deep voice, Etc.) I have always wished I didn't have breasts so I could walk around without a shirt on. I have also had a ton of thoughts on what it would be like if I were a guy, and I've liked the idea. But I don't exactly HATE being a girl. I don't feel trapped in my body. I do not have any trans friends to talk to about this and I don't have insurance for a pyschologist or anything else right now. So I'm not sure if I'm just a masculine girl(dyke, butch, stud) or if I'm actually trans.
Any advice? Or maybe you know why I can't have sex? I do love my girlfriend and I would love to marry her, so it definitely isn't a love issue.
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replied January 6th, 2016
I don't think you are trans, most of my trans friends felt like they were a guy stuck in a women's body or felt like they didn't fit in society as a girl.

Just trying to gauge the situation, but do you still get "in the mood" or do you feel like you need release or release sexual tension? Do you enjoy having one sided sex with your girlfriend?

Sorry for the personal questions but there might be other possibilities, such as maybe you've become Asexual or maybe you're a Stone butch. As for assault, it could also affect you but.usually it would show up in the beginning, regardless, there are some sites that offer free lgbt relationship counselling, I just can't remember the site.
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