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Sex in 5 months of pregnancy

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I m 20 weeks pregnant.I did sex with my husband and I was so excited that I made lots of movement like up and I m scared is my baby lot of movement during sex is harmful for baby?please help me out.I m very scared.even I m not feeling my baby's movement yet.
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First Helper UnknownABC

replied April 13th, 2011
Especially eHealthy
Afreen, ah, sex during pregnancy can be very good because of all the blood and wetness around that area. When I was pregnant, my husband had an absolute ball and I was as horny as a teenager. The relaxing effect and the feel good hormones that you get during and after orgasm is also good for your baby.

Unless your doctor told you otherwise, it is perfectly fine. The baby is well protected and cannot be hurt during sex or by just moving around. If your doctor thinks that your baby is at risk, they will normally tell you to avoid any sex.

You have to be extra careful of infection and STD's during pregnancy. Don't engage in risky sex. I am sure you and your husband is fine though.

Only during the last few weeks should you avoid sex. Ask your doctor the next time you see him/her on when you should start to avoid sex.

Take care!
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replied April 14th, 2011
Hi,thank you very much....My next appointment with doc is on 18th of april.I m eagerly waiting for that..anywayz,ur comments really helped me out.THANKS...U TAKE CARE TOO.BYE
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