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My periods last 7 days so I got my period on April 30th and during my period I was having shower sex and sometimes my period will stop for a couple hours but then on the 6th day I woke up and it was looking like the end of my cycle dry blood and so basically it stopped so I decided to have sex again then I had sex the next day but after all that I threw up two - three days later early in the morning out of nowhere and now lately I've been having headache and lower back pain everyday here and there so can I end up pregnant
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replied May 19th, 2017
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In a normal 28 day cycle you would expect to ovulate CD14 (May 13th) and experience early pregnancy signs no earlier than CD19. Sperm lasts inside for only 5 days, so sex during your period is unlikely to cause pregnancy.

Women do sometimes ovulate as early as CD10 and get early signs CD15. You have some early signs so a home test is in the cards, but wait until your next period is due before you run it.i
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