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sex doesn't feel good

I have been having sexual intercourse with my partner for a year, and not once have i exsperienced an orgasm.
but for some reason sex only feels 'good' when i am drunk,
or when we have to be carefull e.g when we dont want nobody to hear us
i know that might sound stupid but that is the truth,
does anybody else get this?
please help, i would like as much advice as i can get.
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replied January 7th, 2011
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Nope, It doesn't sound stupid! When you're intoxicated or drunk, your muscles relax and you don't think much. Not so good or safe. When you have to be careful, it's almost like an adrenaline rush not to get caught, so your body responds to the excitement.

Enjoyable sex happens when you're comfortable with yourself, your partner, and the situation. Everything has to be relaxed in a way. No pressure. No need to rush, take risks or be intoxicated. Don't be afraid to have fun and wait until the right time. My boyfriend is also my best friend (was at first too) and that's important to me too.
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