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Sex a good form of exercise ?

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Let have some straight talk here, since we are all adult. Does having a lot of sex help a person lost weight. My experiences seem to suggest it does. As sex require energy, it could really help a person loss weight. Let not shy from this topic, since we are all adults. Let have a heathy discussion here? I would love to hear your comment. Let treat this as some educational forum which i believe we should address and not avoid from

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replied September 30th, 2010
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I don't think it is an adequate enough exercise for it to be a RELIABLE source of fitness/weight loss.

Sure, it expends energy and it's logical that more energy used = more calories expended = possible weight loss.

But this is under the assumption that your dieting and daily energy consumption is at the right levels.

If you consume 3500 calories a day, and your body uses up 2500 in daily metabolic/chemical processes/physical activity, you still gain weight. Even if you have sex, whether you're the one minute man, or the hour man, lets say it's somewhere between 50 to 200 calories, and you do this every day, you still gain weight because 3500 - (2500 plus 200) = 800 excess calories

Also, it's been proven that after sex, males release a cocktail of sleep inducing/recovery mode chemicals that is the explanation why as many ladies know, their boyfriend/lover gets sleepy and falls asleep after sex. It's also the reason why most men have to wait before having sex again or doing other physical activities.

If you're having sex often, while you may certainly be burning a lot of calories, you still have the take into account how sedentary you might be after the sex. If having sex for 20 minutes followed by doing little or nothing for the next hour or more because you eventually fell asleep, vs staying up and having done cardio for an hour followed by other activities, I'm not sure if one can say sex is a substantial enough exercise for it to be the best possible weight gain solution.

Also, sex, or rather the performance of sex, varies immensely between people. Some guys or gals, literally just lay there and do very little. The male is guaranteed to use up energy because the process of ejaculation does consume calories. But otherwise, unless if you're doing bedroom acrobatics, you probably aren't expending too much energy during sex.
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