I have a severely, SEVERELY psychotic girlfriend thats ruining my life in every way (health and mental-wise). So heres some of the endless things she does on a 24/7 basis.

She always has to have some kind of surveillance on me, always have to be on skype shen shes not physically with me. Every moment I turn on my phone to look up something, shes demandingly asking me every 2 minutes "What are you doing on your phone?!?!! Shoe me! Tell me what youre doing!" Even if were talking on skype and im laying down to rest, she starts yelling of she cant see me on my camera so she tries to get me to move in front of the camera to lay down.

Things she doesnt "allow" me to do:
-Listen to bamds with any girl members in it
-Listen to bands where she doesnt approve of the lyrics
- Watch movies that shows any female nudity, or even if there may be a poster of a girl in a bikini in the background or so (she checks parent sites on EACH movie before we watch it) and if theres ANYTHING even a very short sex scene that doesnt show anything, im not "allowed" to watch it.
-Not "allowed" to watch ANY anime whatsoever
- Not "allowed" to play video games that she doesnt approve of that may show female nudity
-I cant go anywhere in my own house unless I tell her where Im going and what Ill be doing
- Im not allowed to go outside ANYWHERE unless shes physically with me
-Not allowed to talk to any other girls besides immediate family
-Not allowed to talk to or hang out with my guy friends
-Not even allowed to play a song on my guitar that she doesnt approve of

She also spends most of the day on my phone going through every possible thing in it there is to check like internet history, photo gallery, all my email accounts, ALWAYS changes my youtube settings to "Restricted" so most every video is disabled to watch. If i ignore what she demamds or try to do the things I like, she screams and yells, starts to hurt me as in digging her nails into my skin to make me bleed, slap, punch, kick me, tries to bend my fingers backwards, screams "I WANT TO KILL YOU I HATE YOU YOURE GOING TO DIE I REALLY WANT TO KILL YOU" - all just because I want to do something I want that she apparently doesnt approve of.

She also says if i keep doing something she doesnt like and continue to not listen to her, she will break all my video games, my tv, computer, and smash up my car. If she doesnt get her way she will scream and cry, speak in a very psychotic tone that she will hurt herself and she has done so many times. She slaps and punches her face over and over very hard, she finds anything sharp to cut herself multiple times and most times very deep, and will continue if i dont apologize and promise that i mean the apology. Also she makes me promise over EVERYTHING as in "promise youre just laying down and not doing anything else?" when she can see me on camera that im laying down.

One time she even cut herself very deep just because i woke up one night to shut my light off to go back to bed, and i didn't text her that i did that.

Ive been with her for about 4 years now dealing with these things all day every day. Ive always helped her with her problems, i stopped her from acting upon her suicidal fantasies, i do everything i can to make her happy, i help her when shes not feeling well and take care of her. After everything I do for her she still acts the way she does.

Note: I have never cheated in any relationship or lied

(except now I have to lie about what im doing or where im going in my house just so i can have some moments of "peace")
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replied April 4th, 2018
This begs the question: why are you still with this person? She sounds psychotic, indeed. What is keeping you from breaking it off?
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