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severe weakness fatigue body soreness after d&c

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hello, i just had a d&c 3 weeks ago,which was my fifth pregnancy.I had a miscarriage , and then a girl who is 4.5 yrs old, then a miscarriage again and then a boy who is 15 months, and then this pregnancy, which was scanned at 9 weeks but the feotus seemed to be smaller than 6 weeks, and no i had D&C the same day.When i came home i rested one week,and after that as soon s i try to assume normal life activities, my body literally shows complete unfitness in form of fatigue, lethargy, in any limb upper or lowers and if i do not rest in turns into soreness,even wrists and fingers are sore and can't has been 3 weeks, not getting any better.I'm already taking v good multivitamins called elevit, as i was breast feeding my son until my d&c.It didn't happen in my first 2 miscarriages which were naturally done at home like in the form of periods.
Please tell me if it is normal ,what to do and how to regain my strength,and how long does it normally take to get back to normal life.its v hard for me to rest as i live by myself and kids and hubby works away.plz reply asap, it's v depressive.
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