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severe unbearable nausea, gluten free but still sick?

ok ill try to make this as short as possible. at this point im DESPERATE for help.
I am a 21 year old female. 5'7", 104 pounds. european descent, if any of those help.

I went to boot camp for the marines and came home after two months because i got hurt. Right after i came home i was sick all the time. This was july, I was very nauseas and tired, and it was up and down.
I got into a car accident in the following february and it seemed like after that due to the lack of activity because of my back and neck injuries, my health felt like it was deteriorating.
A few months later I got mono, and ever since I had mono I have not been the same. I was tired constantly and slept almost constantly for months, and then I had very bad nausea and malaise, and weight loss. After that I was sick for months straight with almost no relief, and it was always the worst in the mornings. Finally this past summer we figured out we thought I had celiace disease.

I have been gluten free (VERY strictly) ever since and was doing much better, but almost like clockwork about every two months I get really sick again for a couple weeks. dizziness, weight loss, severe, almost unbearable nausea. My feet would go numb and turn purple almost constantly, and tingle. I always had a mouth full of canker sores, 5 and 6 at a time constantly. Brain fog, difficulty concentrating, anxiety etc and the list goes on. Celiac fit every symptom I had and I was doing 10000x better gluten free, no more anything, except now I get sick about every two months. I get severe nausea, I get dizzy,weak, super pale, weight loss, vertigo, myoclonus in my arms, migraines... but why do i get sick every couple of months? I can't take this anymore. Ive been tested for everything under the sun and all my vitamin levels are fine except my vitamin d is a little low. other than that they're good, so why am i getting these terrible sick spells? I'll have heart pain and palpitations also. I've had heart pain my whole life but no doctor would check into it because they say its nothing, and they say my heart rate and blood pressure are fine.
I dont have the pains and palpitations like i did before, the palpitations i almost only get if i accidentally ingest gluten (from cross contamination), and I do still get the pains sometimes though. I'd been pretty much chronically constipated my whole life, if that makes a difference. not anymore since going gluten frree now i think im a little more "normal" but they wondered before if maybe i had a parasite because i almost never went to the bathroom. It is a lot better since gluten free, but I don't think i go every single day, i honestly dont like track it or anything.

Why am I getting sick even though I'm so strict with my gluten free diet and take vitamins? Every couple months I get it, it's like a cycle. Did I get a parasite or something from boot camp? they made me drink dirty water full of weeds and i had to spit out leaves and stems, they made us walk around on red ant hills and we had cockroaches in the squad bays, it was not a clean experience thats for sure. My problems started after I was there, so did i get something from south carolina?? Any ideas at all?
Did my car accident somehow make me sick, like could that do anything? Or could that mono have messed me up? It was ever since I had mono that I've been sick. Boot camp and mono are my top two thoughts, I think there has to be a reasonable explanation for this. I'm DESPERATE for help, I can't work or live like a normal 21 year old because I'm bedridden so often. PLEASE help me, anyone. Btw, I am prone to kidney stones and UTIs, also ovarian cysts sometimes, and I do get kidney pain sometimes if that makes a difference. I've been feeling it (kidney pain) when I've been sick the past couple days.

Severe nausea
weight loss
myoclonus in arms
lack of motivation
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replied April 24th, 2012
your body might still be in shock. Think about cut ALL of that food that you were eating before out of your diet.

Also. Do not go to a doctor...go to a naturopath! They cost a bit more but they should put you on the right direction in figuring out your health. Anxiety can really make things 100 times worse (I know) If you already have a naturopath and are still feeling this way go try a different one. Also chiropractors are amazingly smart when it comes to figuring out these things.

Good luck to you, and don't stop fighting until you figure this out.
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replied June 15th, 2012
It's possible that you might be suffering symptoms of electrolyte imbalance of all things. Look up electrolyte imbalance on the internet and see if your symptoms are compatible. You would need to get yourself some electrolyte fluid/ powder to help bring your body back into balance. I suggest talking to your pharmacist about this.
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