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severe throbbing lower back upper butt pain

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i am 24 years old and not working, i spend alot of time sitting down doing activies on the computer or watching tv and over the last week i have a constant severe throbbing sharp sometimes shooting pain in my lower back below my kidneys at the top and sides of my buttocks mostly and massaging it only releives it a little ive tried stretching it and icing it? what else can i do to relieve thsi pain at home?
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replied May 5th, 2011
Sounds like Sciatic Nerve pain. Heat works for me. Some people have more relief with ice. Also, sitting at the computer can make it worse. I would stay away for a few days. There is a stretch that you can do with help. Lay on the floor on your back. Place your left foot flat next to your right knee. Have someone GENTLY push your left knee over your right leg stretching you. Do this 5 times. Switch legs. Do this a couple of times per day for a few days. Works wonders! Also, OTC anti-inflammatory. When you are laying down make sure you have a pillow or 2 under your knees to take the pressure off of your back. Good luck!
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replied May 6th, 2011
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Hi Dollface, how are you?
If it's sciatica, doing squats helped me. It hurts a little, but afterwards, the pain gradualy went away.
If you ignore what's happening to you and you keep sitting down, it can get a lot worse, to the point that you could end up bed ridden and in much worse pain.
Make it a habbit to stand up every 15 minutes and do a few squats. Ask your partner or a friend to massage the area (kissing it might help too)giggle
I hope it works, please keep in touch.
TC. T. rainbow
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replied March 31st, 2013
Diagnosed with Sciatic Nerve Pains
I went to the hospital friday & they diagnosed me with sciatic nerve pain. Only this is when I'm @ work I'm standing most of the time & when the pain hit me out of nowhere I was walking around in the meat market. It hit me so hard to where I could barely put my right foot on the floor to walk. They prescribed me flexiril, ibuprofen, & norco (lortab). Yes none of that helps!!! I've been out of wrk ever since it happened Thursday & I'm going to my primary doctor 2moro to see about gettin an MRI like the hospital recommended
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replied April 2nd, 2013
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Otravenell, sciatic nerve pain happens because your piriformis muscle is tight and weak. These will help:

1a) "[PDF] Seated Hip Stretch" (Do a Google search for the one by "motionwise"

--- or instead ---

1b) "Assisted hip lift" (Do a Google search)
- Press the bent leg outwards to strengthen the piriformis muscle.
- For more resistance, press the bent knee outwards against your hand. Press for 2 seconds / relax for 1 second. Repeat 10 times.
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