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SEVERE side pain radiating to stomach and back

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Hello, about a month ago at work I was experiencing severe pain in my upper right side that radiated down and to my stomach and lower back. I went home and went to bed and it went away. Well, it didn't completely go away. For two weeks I could still eel the pain/pressure but it wasnt as severe as that first time. Then at work again it came right back. Hurt so bad it brought me to tears. I work in a hospitol and contimplated just going down stairs to the ER after work. But I went home and slept ont he heating pad and made a doctor appoinemtnt for the next day. They ran blood and set me up for an ultrasound of my gallbladder.
Well today, a week after the test, I finally heard back that everthing was fine. Now I have to have more blood work done to test for a stomach bacteria going around and they are setting me up for a HIDA Scan. Please, Im getting very frustrated bevause that sever pain is happening more frequestly. Im only 23 And I am already undergoing a bunch of test for an autoimmune disease that they can't fgure out. Pretty sure in RA. Any time Im standing for a long period of time or doing anythign strenuous. It really just feels good to curl up into a ball. If someone can please gve me some insight to their stories or something they know that would be great. Thank you!
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