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Severe short depression episodes

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Hello, i have a question. My girlfriend has been having these episodes and i believe its depression. She doesn't though, Also she doesn't want to get medication or therapy unless she needs it. She thinks that she will become addicted to any medicine that she is given (an example is that when she had strep throat she was given pain medication, but she only took it 1/4th of the time so she wouldn't become addicted). I tried to tell her that you don't get addicted so easily but she wouldn't listen.

let me explain the sittuation

It started when her grandpa died, She became very sad and admits that she was depressed then. She was so sad that she cut herself and contemplated suicide or overdosing. This lasted a few months. Its been almost a year now and my girlfriend gets these episodes twice a day that last for about 2 hours each where she feels EXTREMELY depressed where she can hardly keep herself from her kitchen to get a knife. But when its over she is back to normal. She believes that because she isn't constantly depressed that she isn't technically 'clinically depressed'

would this be considered clinically depressed?
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replied May 23rd, 2008
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Definitely. She is having some mood swings. She really needs to see a psychiatrist and get an evaluation done. Suicidal thoughts are dangerous. It takes only the right moment and enough energy and a person may act on the thoughts. Encourage her and be supportive. Offer to take her to see a doctor. The medications that are used for depression and other psychiatric disorders are not addicting. My children have been on several different medications and they were successfully taken off of them. Try to reassure her. I hope she will seek out professional help. Depression is painful and she doesn't have to live with this pain.
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