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For the last two months I have been having episodes of severe stomach pains. The only way I can describe it is like lightning going through my stomach. Very severe sharp pains. They mostly seem to happen in the middle of the night but sometimes during the day. When they happen I break out in a sweat and can't stand up straight because they hurt so bad. The only way I can releave the shooting pains is to force myself to have a bowel movement. After I do that, the shooting pains go away, but my stomach is very sore for hours, then I usually have nausea the whole next day. This happened two nights ago and I am still nauceous. I just cant believe that gas pains would be that severe and even if they are, why would this all the sudden be happening very regularly. I have been keeping a food journal and there are no commonalities on the days I have the episodes. Any ideas? I plan to make and appt with my doctor on Monday.

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replied November 15th, 2008
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Gas pains can be that severe. I'm going to admit this here and now. Many years ago I was having such severe pains in my mid section and side that my GYN sent me to have an ultrasound as he thought maybe I had an ovarian cyst and I felt so terrible when the person doing the ultrasound said 'this is expensive gas'....yep, I was having terrible bouts of gas. I wasn't passing gas as if I was I would have known it was that. Apparently it was building up and stuck according to him. Eventually gas was untrapped. Hasn't happened since.

With that said. If it continues I suggest you make an appt with a gastrologist who would be better suited to evaluate and give an appropriate dx. Take your journal.

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