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severe paranoid schizophrenic

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my boyfriend has a severe case of this, believes sometimes he is the antichrist, or a dark arch angel..the fbi is after him, the mofia is after him, visual hallucinations, hears voices, and yelling inside his head. i mean very very severe symptoms.. he was on clozoril but that did not help him. then they put him on zyprexa and that was no help either... now he is presently in a psych ward and they have given him the following cocktail.....zyprexa, geodon,wellbutrin,klonopin 4mg a day........ anyone else who is schizophrenic, or knows someone who is have any advice on what has worked for them? does this sound like a good combo? my boyfriend is highly intelligent, but has been plagued for years by this torment in his mind..... looking to see what others are taking, and or what works for them. thankyou
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replied August 2nd, 2008
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There is a section here just for schizophrenia. Might post in that section to get more answers.

I myself am bipolar I I am currently on Geodone and have in the past been on Wellbutrin, in fact I was taking it again recently to quit smoking. But that didn't work.

Anyway just wanted to wish you the best of luck and hope he can get straight on his meds and be able to come back out of the hospital.

I have once gone in the hospital to have my meds adjusted. Not too bad a deal.
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