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Severe Pain in Right Hip & Leg

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Over the past 12 months (since the birth of my son) I have been experiencing pain in my right hip and leg. The pain has gradually got worse - to the point where it is unbearable and I am extremely worried. The pain is mainly concentrated in the hip joint area and occurs after I have been sitting for either long periods or in certain chairs (car seat & couch). It is at its worse when I try and stand up and I cannot straighten my body, I get a sharpe pain in my hip which sends pain, tingling and pins and needle like sensation right down my leg to my toes. Once I do eventually manage to stand up straight and start walking the pain subsides after a dozen or so steps and if I continue to walk the pain goes (however comes straight back when I sit and try and stand up again). Sometimes the pain so so bad I cannot straighten myself up to walk and have to lay out flat on the floor on my back for 10 mins or so and the pain eventually goes. However after I have been in bed for a period of time, (I cannot lay on my side it is too painful - so i lay on my back/front) the pain wakes me up and I have to walk around to ease it. I have always experienced a loud click in both my hip joints - this at first disappeared in my right hip when I started getting the pain, but is now back. I have tried ice, heat, anti inflammateries, loads of different pain killers, chiropractor - none have worked. I don't think it is sciatica, I have been referred to a specialist who is doing tests to see if I have a bit of cartelidge broken off and 'jammed' in there, however the best way I can describe it is my hip being locked or partly dislocated?
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replied January 29th, 2010
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Its been known for some people to develop back issues or nerve compression while pregnancey. What kind of specialist did you go to and did they perform and MRI or CT scan of your spine? If not, you should check into that if you don't find anything else out. I have back issues that cause more pain when I sit for long periods of time. If you have a torn disc, chiropractic care may not work for you..It only helped me for short periods of time and if you have a muscle spasam due to the pain, it may take some massage therapy along with stretching and possibly muscle relaxers to help with that. good luck..keep us posted on what you find out!
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