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severe pain in left side and back

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I have had severe pain in my left side and back for a number of years. It has been so bad that I am unable to turn to the right.One day when I rolled out of bed, with my feet on the floor I was in so much pain I couldn't raise my body up. This morning for the first time in 2 years I was able to get out of bed without the pain being so bad. It usually gets a little better as the day goes on, but has never completely gone away. I am also drawn to one side at times.
What can be the reason for this?
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replied February 2nd, 2012
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there are so many things it could be. the only way to really know is to go to a dr and be checked out. the dr will test your reflexes and strength. he may get xrays or an mri. one thing for sure is you have lived too long with this and the longer you go with the pain the more the chance of permanent damage.....pete
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