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Severe Mood Swings on Mirena??

I have had my Mirena in place almost 6 months, and at first, it was serious cramping most days, like stop you in your tracks buckle over pain, Now I only experience this pain about a week before my period, off and on, but my mood swings are unbelievable. I can't believe my bf is still with me, I feel angry so often, and not myself, I don't want to have to get this taken out,because I really am bad with remembering the pill, and i've had bad effects on every b/c i've tried.I basically feel like I'm in my preteen years all over again, I over react to everything and I don't know if my relationship is going to survive this, He even told me last night I need to get this thing removed because of how its turned me into a different person,I also fall into a bit of a depression during my period, I don't know what I should do.. anyone having this as well???
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replied July 30th, 2011
Oh yeah and forgot to mention, unbelievably frustrated with my child while on period too, He is only 10 months, but I get so frustrated I have to put him in this playpen and walk away a lot! I am feeling very overwhelmed!
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replied September 18th, 2011
Mirena coil - mood swings
I am wondering how you are doing a couple of months on? I hope well. I had my mirena fitted last week and have had pain and unbelievable mood swings since. I too am giving my boyfriend a hard time, and with his grandad in hospital he could really do without me being a moody hormonal tearful b*tch right now!

I am hoping these symptoms will go away (or at least one or the other of them).

Did you get yours taken out? Its not worth it if its affecting your family, right? Best of Luck xx
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