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severe lower abdominal pain 1 week before periods

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I am 22 years old and married for 1 and half years.
I experience severe, stabbing and shooting (more like gastric) pains in my lower abdomen, while I was having sex. The pain was so severe, I WAS EXPECTING TO FIND SOME SORT OF POSITION TO EASE THE PAIN BUT I COULD NOT. The severe pain lasted like a half and hour.
This happens anywhere from a few days up to a week before my periods. This has happend to me last 2 months. I have noticed that the pain has occured a week before my periods both the months.
It also really hurts my lower abdomen and the anus if I sit directly on my butt (I never have anal sex).
And my stomach is really bloated. I always have gastric problems. I burp alot with sound. Sad I am confused...dont know whether its gastric or any other sexualy related problem.
The pain was so severe I consulted my gyno the first time it happened.. She did a ultrasound scan and told there was no problem. I told her it was ore like a severe gastic pain. She also asked me about my periods and told me that ovulation must have occured by now....but lets just assume it is ovvulation pain.

Please help me. its like this is going to happen to me every month. though it lasts for 2-3 days the pain is so severe.
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replied June 4th, 2010
why nobody helping me opinions nothing????
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