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Severe leg cramps resulting in seizures

I have a very dear friend that began having cramping and it seems to have gotten worse to where (i've seen for myself) she will cramp in her legs, thighs and calves to the point she is in such severe pain she cannot even talk and it is hard for her to breathe. Imagine a knife slowly stabbing you and the pain is so intense you grit your teeth and hold your breath. On several occations this leads to passing out. Other times she may seem perfectly fine and just DROP. After reviving her she has severe cramping but never remembers what happened. One such incident we were talking about what to do for dinner. She was perfectly fine. I guess maybe she bent wrong to put something back in a cabinet, her eyes glazed over and she dropped and thankfully caught her in time. It took about 10 seconds to revive her and she awoke with a gasp and startle but all she remembers last was that we were talking about dinner plans.

She has seen all sorts of doctors and no one can pin point it. They try to bandage the problem with spinal blocks which for her equal the amount of pain all rolled up into one procedure equal the amount of pain she is avoiding, it is that severe. They suggest brain surgery and back surgery which would require chest entry and organ removal.. etc... and its too risky and even than they cant at least say with any confidence it fixes her problem.

To make matters worse she is a few monthes pregnant and due in May, obviously a high risk pregnancy but she is determined to have it and I cannot fault her for it as this is her first pregnancy at age 34, accident yes but she's bringing a new life into the world and very passionate about it and will make a great mother even if the father is not not there. Because of this she is limited as to medication she can take (she has had to quit cold turkey on certain prescribed pain meds cos of her pregnancy), surgery is out of the question and even the spinal block may be a bad idea due to her reaction from it.

Is there anything she can do even if its enough to get her through her pregnancy? I dunno if its simple clotting cos she has diabetes in her family or if a upper cervical chiropractor could help. I kinda feel helpless watching her suffer. Sad

I thank everyone in advance for any input they may have. She is such a selfless individual with a massive heart and does not deserve such a fate.

- Jhon
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replied November 6th, 2011
Severe legs cramps
My mom who is 55 is having similar issue. Did you find out the root cause?
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replied July 13th, 2019
During a seizure, leg cramp is the byproduct of the seizure. It is much more painful than a regular leg cramp (10 times more). I use herb medicine called "()" to curb with it (Latin name: Rehmannia Glutinosa Libosch). It is a root plant. It is available in any Chinatown herb store. It sells in 1LB pack in a red box (a few dollars per box). Inside there are many black discs (size of the casino chip). The medicine is very effective. It can stop my leg cramps with one dosage:
Normally I drop 4 discs of the medicine into the slow cooker with 1 liter of water cooking overnight. Finish it with a day or two. Even better if you use it cooking with the black chicken to make chicken soup (use 8 discs or double dosage). (it is the best to use Porcelain Cookware, Glassware, or Corningware; avoid using Metalware to prepare medicine).
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