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Severe joint pains and muscle spasms

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For the past 3 years, i have been going back and forth to the doctors; complaining of both severe joint pains and muscle spasms all over my body. during that time, i experienced loud noises popping in my hips, followed by a sharp ceasing pain, causing my to remain still for a few moments. then my muscles/nerves in my thighs and toes/instep, would spams and contract. the doctors were not sure what was wrong. is tarted to experienced a ceasing feeling in my spine. and sudden falling feeling. i did x-rays, scans, blood tests; but nothing came up. i did a urine test which showed large amount of calcium oxalate in the urine, then another that showed an additional amount of protein. but, the last doctor i am seeing (was seeing), did a physical exam and thought i had seronegative spondyloarthropathy.l now i have been experiencing swelling in one of my in one of my shoulders near my neck, and also top part near my sine area. Now she is saying it is quit possible i have fibromyalgia or could be both diseases with overlapping symptoms. needless to say, i have been on anit-inflammatory meds to relieve pains, but nothing has worked. it so bad now, that i use a walking stick for some support when climbings stairs or slopes. i am only 27. i have not been back to my doctor. she wants to seek a second opinion. Any ideas what could be going on?. i am confused, my doctor is second guessing. i look very normal. its hard to make certain at this point.
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First Helper snmarx

replied July 7th, 2011
have you been checked for lymes disease?
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replied October 5th, 2011
High calcium in the urine, from what I understand, could mean a problem with your parathyroid gland. Doesn't hurt to ask the doc. I have some similar problems. Still trying to get the doc to check my calcium levels. Good luck!
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