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severe hip pain in both hip bones after sitting or driving

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I have severe pain in both my hip bones equally after sitting for 35 minutes and longer. When driving or riding in car the same the happens. The only way I can get relief is to stand up and walk around or in the car is to raise my hips off the seat for 3-5minutes and then I can continue driving for another 30 minutes or so. Whats going on? Are there workouts that I can do to alleviate this on going ache I have? What might be a direction for me to take. I am a young 64 years old thanks
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replied February 17th, 2011
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Hi kitts and welcome to ehealth: Age doesn't seem to play into the hip problems...I would suggest you see an Orthopedist and get their opinion of this problem...Age wise, I have seen people at 27 years old that have had this done...Take care...

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replied February 21st, 2011
Hi Kitts, Its best if you see an Orthopedic Doctor.
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