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Severe headaches and left ear throbbing

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Seen last Friday at er for what we thought was a migraine. Severe headache, light sensitive, heartbeat pounding in left ear(painful), and fever of 101. Cat scan, spinal and blood-work all clear. Went home on pain and nausea meds. Headache remained so severe even with Percocet that Monday returned to er. Dr checked ear finally at my request no infection. Tried imitrex no relief sent home with dilauded and compazine. Now Wednesday, still have headache and throbbing in left ear as well as soreness in neck and upper back probably from being in bed all week. It seems the ear throbbing begins prior to the full return of the headache and even low noises can make me want to scream. Dr cannot see me until the 12th and I am really frustrated. Cannot function. History of migraines but typicaly one side of my head this is the entire top of my head back to the base of my skull. Any ideas on what I should do or ask for I do not tolerate pain meds well due to hiatal (sp?) hernia so that adds to miser

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