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Severe headache in morning

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I have been constantly waking up with a sever headache almost every morning, i wake up with them and they last ALL day no change in pain till about 7pm they tent to dissipate, aspirin and ibuprofen doesn't help a bit.

Its a throbbing pain above my eyes, in my temple and the back park of my head. and when i said above my eyesm, i meen like right on top of my eye ball

its pretty bad, and i dont know what the casue is. My girlfriend says i dont stop breathing in the night...i dont snore

i do wake up very sleepy, every day when i get 8-10 hours sleep..

i have noticed, if my pillow is up against the wall, i get them, if i sleep on my back i get them, or if i use more than 1 pillow i get them.

i normally sleep on my right side with one arm under my pillow..
but sometimes i wake up with a headache then too... so i dont know.

this has been going on for YEARS.
anyone hear anything like this
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replied February 4th, 2009
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According to the location of the pain and its other characteristic, seems like you are having a case of chronic tension headache.
Be careful with pain killers. Don't take them every day.
Since you have this headache for years, I guess you have been taking these meds very frequently.
It is very possible that the painkillers you may take regularly cause headaches similar to tension-type headaches, when you don't take them.
This is known as rebound, withdrawal, or medication headache, and its character is same as tension headache.

Visit a neurologist specialized in treating headaches!
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