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Severe Fatigue and Nasal Polyps

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I have suffered from severe unexplained fatigue and headaches for nearly 10 years, and my doctors are still unable to determine the cause. I have observed that my fatigue is usually commensurate with my allergies/Rhinitis/sinusitis which is chronic and sometimes severe. I have taken various medications and treatments for my allergies including nasal steroids, OTC medications and prescription medications. These treatments have had varying degrees of success in alleviating my allergy symptoms, but my fatigue and headaches persist. I should also note that I sometimes experience parasomnia when lying supine.

By far the best treatment for my allergies and sinusitis has been nasal irrigation via Neti Pot. Since I have been using it, I have seen a marked reduction in my fatigue and allergy related symptoms. All though my fatigue and headache have decreased in severity and frequency, it is still a major problem for me.

Recently I’ve begun to wonder if I may have nasal polyps. In my research I have found evidence of a link between Nasal Polyps and chronic Fatigue , but most of this evidence is anecdotal. I have found one case study which links Chronic Fatigue to Nasal Polyps; Chronic fatigue cured by nasal surgery. Md Med J. 1993 Apr;42(4):365-7.

Besides dust and plant allergies, I also experience mid-facial pain, headache, post nasal drip, severe runny nose, excessive phlegm production, reduced sense of smell, frequent sinus infections, and sharp stabbing pains in the back of my throat; all of which I understand to be symptoms of nasal polyps. I have also been told that my nasal passages were somewhat narrow.

What kind of test is used to confirm Polyps? Do nasal Polyps always show up in Endoscopy? Should I have a nasal CT performed? If so, what kind?

Are there any doctors here on the forums who have cured chronic fatigue patients through nasal surgery? OR have you had patients who felt their chronic fatigue to be related to nasal or sinus symptoms? If so, what treatments were tried successfully or unsuccessfully?

Any information from Doctors and fellow allergy/fatigue sufferers are welcome.
Thank you.
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