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Severe ear pain and hearing loss

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I had fullness and discomfort in my R ear for about 3 weeks. I decided to got to a local ENT. The diagnosis was severely impacted cerumen. The ENT proceeded to try to remove the impaction with suction and an instrument. After several attempts, I could no longer endure the excrutiating pain--even after 3 injections of Lidocaine.

I was sent home with Debrox drops and 5 Percocets. I was to come back the following week for the same procedure.

Since the LIdocaine wore off, I have been in severe pain, and have now lost the hearing in that ear.

I called the ENT--they prescribed more Pain meds, and said this was probably normal due to the degree of the impaction.

I am worried that something went wrong, and worst of all, I am terrified of going back to have that procedure done again. The thought of something poking around my ear as it fees now is unbearable.

I could use any advice or reassurance that this is normal. Even recommendation for a great ENT in the Denver area.


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