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Severe deficiency of Vitamin D

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How concerned should I be about the "severe deficiency" of Vitamin D?

OK, here are the lab results:

1-8-10 Calcium 8.9

2-26-10 Ionized Calcium 4.77
2-26-10 Phosphorus 3.0
2-26-10 PTH 158

3-10-10 25-Hydroxy D2 <4ng/ml
3-10-10 25-Hydroxy D3 5ng/ml
3-10-10 25-Hydroxy D Total <6ng/ml (Lab tagged "severed deficiency)
3-10-10 Vitamin D 1,25 44pg/ml

My PCP is out having surgery. The family practice NP called me and said he was going to call 50,000 IU of Vitamin D for me to take once a week. I have an appointment with an endocrinologist in April.
How urgent this? I feel very lousy. I've had an odd new symptom for 3-4 days. My gag reflex has become very sensitive. Could that be related in any way?

I would appreciate your advice. I feel like since the vitamin D is so low it is important to figure out the cause. BTW, I live in Texas and do get some sun.


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