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Severe cramps with a Copper-T IUD (Page 2)

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September 13th, 2017
Hi ! I'm 23 years old I got the copper IUD about 2 years ago. I also have never been pregnant. Before I got it inserted I didn't have regular periods. I started getting my period my junior year of high school and would go months without it but I also would NEVER get cramps. My mother was the same way. I would have very light periods with no pain. When I got it inserted I passed out twice at the Gyno secondary to the pain. After I got it inserted I started having heavier periods with the worst pain in my lower abdomen/ uterus. It also hurts even if I'm not on my period when having sex and doing certain positions bc it gets hit. It's a intermittent cramping/ stabbing pains to the point that I'm in tears and just want to lay in bed all day which I can't because I work in the ER. I tried NSAIDS without relief. I have a very high pain tolerance ( my appendix ruptured without me knowing) but this pain every month is so unbearable. I want to try a different IUD like skyla or mirena. Has anyone tried them? Normal
birth control pills are not an option for me
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