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severe cramping

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I have severe cramping around my left ovary and my right ovary at the same time, it feels like someone is grabbing my ovaries and squeezing them as tight as they can to rupture them, it causes so much pain that i literally almost collapse to the ground. I have loose stool which relieves the pain for a minute or 2 and the pain comes back. Theres allot of pressure and if I put pressure on it the pain goes away and comes back again. it wont stop. Does anyone know what this can mean? I do not have insurance nor money for a doctor. im seeing if any doctor knows what this means or if any woman has had this problem and could tell me a possibility.

cramping pain in texas
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replied September 23rd, 2009
You must go to see a doctor. Don't mean to scare you but it could be so many things and among those, pain might be coming from cysts or tumors. Look for a planned parenthood, they could help you. PLEASE DON'T HESITATE. God be with you. Take care.
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