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Severe continuous headache

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I have been getting a rather severe continuous headache which has been ongoing since October, 2009. In October, it got so strong I started screaming in pain and was admitted to medical floor of my hospital for a month.

As of last past week though, the headache appears to have built-up in strength again rather quickly and my emergency pain medications - T3s (Tylenol 3 with Codine) have no affect on it. Each day the headache is getting worse significantly and it has started to affect my vision in right eye like in October, but this time, I'm also feeling pain in my right ear which feels like an ear infection.

Strange thing is when checked at walk-in last night, no sign of infection found. But as of 15 mins ago prior to typing this if I tilt my head right I hear a fluid like noise in my ear, but when I tilt to left no sound at all.

All symptoms from October 2009 are back and tests were done last year. All came back negative, so my neurologist and GP are puzzled.

Tests were spinal tap, blood work, EEG, and CT scan.

This time I fell a lot worse and cannot sleep as it is keeping me awake. Been up 48 hours now. Symptoms are...

-pain from head down neck, spine to feet
-loss of conciousness
-blurred vision at times
-double vision
-foggy vision
- numb feet at times

Any advice appreciated

severe pain always is located in same location - This being from above right eye in a line to right ear and over head when a massive spike of pain ggoes down neck, spine to feet.
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