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Severe constipation causing pressure on nerves ?

severe constipation - would that put pressure on your nerves in lower spine and cause burning groin and thighs? tried altereing my diet but still constipated i take naproxen twice daily any thoughts? Question gosign
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replied January 3rd, 2011
i've suffered for years with constipation - now i eat lots of fruits and veggies and go to the gym constantly. Yet I still suffered with this! i tried EVERYTHING from every laxative on the market to pills, herbal remedies, many home remedies i even had a colonoscopy! nothing ever worked. my cause of constipation was due to stress. i got my idea from a natropath i read her book and in it she says to drink 1 freshly squeezed lemon juice in a glass of warm water the first thing every morning - i have done this for 5 years now and have been regular like clockwork - my add on to this remedy though is drink the lemon water with a straw as after several months of drinking this my teeth became sensitive so drinking with a straw will eliminate this. i also find this remedy great when you are unwell with a cold.


now my only dilemma now is making sure i have enough lemons in stock...
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