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Severe Chronic Leg Pain.

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I am a 16 year old male. I have been running track for my schools the past 3 years, every track season the pain comes back but goes away after 2-3 months when the track season is over, that is unless I continue activities or exercising.

I am now a sophomore in High School, my pain developed my first year running track in the 7th grade. In the first month of practice when we actually start running is when the pain will begin and it only gets worse from there.

I have been to my family doctor for this, at first they diagnosed me with shin splints and recommended me to a specialist. After having a Bone Scan they found out I had severe stress fractures. So I did what they told me and stopped running for 4-6 weeks then began PT. That was the last of the pain I felt until 8th grade track season. In the beginning the pain started to come back, but then instead of getting worse it went away(it was a miracle i don''t remember doing anything different). But after 8th grade track season was over i stopped exercising and the pain came back in 9th grade and I have it now.

I am currently in my 10th grade track season. I no longer believe it is shin splints. The pain is in the front of the lower leg, but it is also in the back, deep in the calf, even on the sides of my lower leg. The pain is pretty much everywhere between the area under my knee and above my ankle. It is extremely sever aching, throbbing pain.
The pain no longer resides with rest, without taking IB profen(pain med.) I would feel the pain even in my dreams or you could say nightmares. Any sudden impact of my foot hitting the ground can cause the pain.

It is very important for me to find the solution seeing as my track season is only half way done, it prevents me from practicing hard and getting better, and also I am so young I am worried about permanent damage that could be caused. ALL suggestions, theories are very appreciated.
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replied April 30th, 2010
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Hi Mikemox and welcome to ehealth: Being the Mother of an former athlete, I know from where you speak...Don't you have a Sports Therapist in your School System?...They would be the best people to talk to about this problem...You are young....Get the right help...I wish you well....Take care...

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