My daughter has the Flu. She has not gotten any flu shots. After she got sick, she started to complain about chest and shoulder pain. After a day or two, her upper chest and shoulder is very swollen and my little girl is in agony. The doctor says its a strained muscle, but my daughter does not remember any injury occurring. Doctor took an X-ray to make sure the shoulder is not dislocated which it is not. She seems to be experiencing the pain that may occur if a flu shot is not administered correctly. However, as I have said she has not had any flu shots or any shots at all. Ibuprofen and Tylenol help a little bit. Any idea what may be wrong?
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replied February 20th, 2019
Just Wanted to update everyone that urgent care failed my daughter who in turn had pneumonia, which caused an infection to attack her heart. She entered the hospital on Monday 02/18 at 10:AM in the morning, and I am so grief stricken to report that my 11 year old daughter passed away that evening. Her little heart could no longer fight.

Please Mom's and Dad's, if your children are showing flu like symptoms, have them tested with X-rays and blood tests to rule out Pneumonia.

Rest in Peace my baby girl. Daddy will always love you.
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