I have bipolar disorder and like really bad. My manic episodes and depressive episodes have got worse this past year. I'll start with my manic episodes. When I have a manic episode I make really bad choices with money, what I say and stuff like that. I'm usually more funny in a manic episode which all my friends seem to like but I don't like it. Alot of the time it gets really bad and I either hallucinate or black out and I can't remember anything I've done or said which stresses me out incase I've done something I regret. Moving onto my depressive episodes, in these I get really low self confidence, I over think things and they cause me to have anxiety. something else that happenes a lot is I think of scenarios that can't happen but my Brain tricks me into thinking it's real and they are usually thoughts that make me cry. I have attempted suicide once and failed thankfully. I also get very angry very easily and I get stronger, way stronger.

I workout 6 days a week and have a pretty clean diet, I drink only water so I don't think it's my diet or physical activities causing the problem. Someone please help it takes control of my life.
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replied October 27th, 2017
Hi, I would very much like to help you. I am a wife of a bipolar husband and I can see your desire to lead a normal, happy life.

It's got nothing to do with your diet or your exercise. Obviously, you are thinking that these should help your condition or cure it. It will help but it is not enough.

Bipolar is a chemical imbalance of the brain, which caused the brain to race or to slow down. This can never be cured and is a life long illness. It is an illness and should be treated like one. Looking after yourself is very important.

This condition needs medication. There are lots of opposing people who believe you can help bipolar but a natural means. This is untrue. You need to see a phsyciatrist who specializes in bipolar disorder. You need to take the medication which has side effects, but at least you will be stable and a more normal person.

People with bipolar who don't take their medication cause their partners and family a lot sorrow, which is very selfish. I am very encouraged what you are excepting your condition and want help. It's a very positive sign.
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