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severe back pain with other symptoms; having trouble getting dia

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I have had intermittent severe back pain both upper and lower for over six years as well as knee pain. I have sustained a few horseback riding accidents and strains but was able to work through the pain and pain would decrease with rest; I never was unable to do my weight lifting workouts or work.
On 11/25/13 I was moving a couch and upon lifting it up high above my head it hit the doorjam and it fell on the back of my head and neck and upper back and I fell onto a hard floor. It caused more severe pain than Ive ever had and I have been unable to fully heal and recover. Ever since then Ive had constant pain, tenderness and lack of flexibility and weakness. I cant even stand a massage it hurts so bad and I have a very high tolerance for pain. The past almost four months I have had other symptoms including severe muscle spasms, numbness and weakness in my feet and toes, occasional difficulty walking and walking up stairs, numbness in the back of my legs/hamstring area, pains in my shoulders and ankles and a weird pain near my sternum. Ive also had increasing frequency of bad headaches that also make my eyes ache and focus slowly. I cant turn or bend my neck all the way and its painful.
My hands and fingers also have been numb and dexterity feels low.
I most recently have begun to notice when I urinate Im unable to completely empty and its slow to start sometimes painful andnslow to stop. Ive experienced some mild urine leakage. Also Ive been experiencing sexual dysfunction, but thats been difficult for me to bring up to doctors and I didnt realize it could be related until now.
Since seeing the ER last the problems with urinating began and I learned sexual problems could be related so Ive not seen a doctor since those symptoms.
Ive been to ER twice and PC twice (PC will no longer see me due to an insurance discrepency) I had an xray on lower spine and neck, and an MRI with and without contrast on my head and neck as well as bloodwork and everything came back negative or normal. Theyve told me its stress and the other that its muscular.
Im not really sure what to do. Ive tried rest and just going about normal life pushig through pain, Ive tried stretching massage walking different sleeping situations, seemingly everything.
I am otherwise very very healthy. I eat very healthy and drink tons of water. I had a healthy baby (with epidural, vaginal delivery) in 5/2012 but no surgeries or significant history.
Since Ive no primary care and all primary care docs cant see me for weeks and this is a pressing problem for me I have been told to go to ER and both times they acted like i was either being dramatic or inconvienencing them in some way. And its very disruptive to my family for me to have to go to er for hours not knowing when ill be home.
Medicines Ive been prescribed and tried are Prednisone (allergic reaction), meloxicam, diazepam (stops spasms but makes me nauseous -out-) and Hydrocodone which doesnt take away the pain and makes me suuuper nauseous but it does help me sleep throgh the night with less pain.
What should I do and how should I explain this to doctors to where I can actually get some help.
If I have to live with it okay Ill get used to it but I just feel that this is no way to have to live and there must be something wrong/off.
Any advice will be help. Thankyou!
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replied August 28th, 2014
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Try and get copies of your MRI and X-ray reports
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replied September 3rd, 2014
You should take massage therapy or consult with chiropractor to get relief from back pain.
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replied September 8th, 2014
Hi I to am having back problems after my fall have you had any luck with yours improving yet??x
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