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Severe and very sharp pain in my upper right abdomen

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About 12 months ago I suddenly started getting a severe and very sharp pain in my upper right abdomen which was made unbearable by walking. Every step felt like it was tearing a bigger hole in my abdomen. Although the pain was less severe when resting it was still there, even more so when lying down making it difficult to sleep comfortably.

The pain persisted at that level of intensity for a few weeks and I also experienced chronic, almost acidic nausea and white to yellowish stools which floated and frothed in the lavatory.

Since then all of the secondary syptoms have gone but I am still experiencing a dull ache almost continuously in my upper right abdomen which is lessend by burping, passing wind, passing stools etc.

Any suggestions as to waht this may be? I have had persistant pain in other areas such as my groin, calves, temple before this which have lasted a very long time (months) and have turned out to be nothing.

Should I harass my GP again?
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replied December 12th, 2011
Have they checked you for pancreatitis? I had the same symptoms and they thought it was my gall bladder but ended up being my pancreas.
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