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several questions about PCR DNA tests

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Hi doctor i had oralsex with a prostitute.I sucked on her breast for few minutes.At that time a few drops may have entered into my mouth.I haven't done any thing other than that.One week later i got fever and small rashes are being developed in some areas of my body.I had these rashes under my neck(not many only some) then i contact the doctor,the fever was gone after using the tablets,but the rashes that are already developed are not gone, and no new rashes are occured.
I did PCR DNA Qualitative test exactly on the 10 th day of my exposure.The result was negative.My questions are:-
1.)Can hiv be transmitted by OralSex i.e sucking on breast,through only a few drops of "i don't know whether it is milk or something"
2.)Can PCR DNA Qualitative test be able to detect the virus in blood within 10 days of exposure?
3.)I heard that swollen lymph glands is one of the symptoms of hiv.I have got small rashes on lymph nodes.Is this a symptom of hiv?
4.)Is there any necessity for me to do any tests now(i.e 14 days after exposure)?
sir please give me reply as early as possible.I am really anxious and eager regarding your reply.Hoping that u may clear all fears that are present in me Thanking you in Advance
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