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Server headache and sickness

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Iv been geiing headaches for about 7 months now, at first they wernt so bad. But in the last few weeks the pain is increasing rapidly. The headaches are in the right side of my head, but when the headache worsens, it moves to the left. Iv now started feeling dizzy, almost as if im going to faint, but never actually do. Im also being sick when i have them.
Iv been seeing my GP since they started, but i recently went to a night doctor as the pain was so bad. He was persistent that my GP refered me to a neurologist. When the next day i confronted my doctor, he was rude and told me to walk before i could run. Hes now repeated blood tests 3 times in the past 2 weeks, and wants to do another repeat.
Iv asked my mum to change Doctors, she's said yes, but she never gets round to it. She also keeps telling me its just a head cold, or other things she can think of, so i cant depend on her to help, as she does not know the pain im going through. Im 16 years old. So not sure on what i can do.
Someone please help me Sad x
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replied December 27th, 2012
You should go to the doctors again a nuerology one... When I was 8 months pregnant I started having server headaches as well but I also lost my sight I had a mild stroke but the doctors never really believed me until they finally did a MRI and they found out I had a tumor on the bottomed left side of my brain I am also have epilepsy and I always feel sick like I'm going to puke and I get dizzy and I feel as if I am going to faint sometimes I don't know where I am you should really try to get another Doctor or at least push them a little bit to take it a little more serious
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