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Sertraline - Weird sensation in head / Migraine type pain

Hi approximately 2 weeks ago I was prescribed the Drug Sertraline to help with anxiety isuses I have been experiencing. The GP in question prescribed a dosage of 50 mg to be taken 1 x times per day. After taking this tablet I experienced a pretty bad reaction and ended up having what can be described as a mini seisure and encountered a popping sesnation within my head. Since taking this drug I initally developed a painful pressure and swelling feeling within my head and I have now gone onto develop constant migraines, confusion, intemidate weakeness in right arm, not being able to feel certain emotions and generally feeling spaced out most of the time. I have been to both my GP and Hospital in relation to these issues where various tests such as CT Scan, Blood work, ECG have been performed. I am starting to become concerned about these symtoms and I am kind of worried that the Sertraline triggered some event that has damaged parts of my brain.
Has anyone experience these type of symptoms with this drug?
I feel like I have no where elese to turn to get answers.
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