I have a question about testing and seroconversion. I was potentially exposed in late February and first tested negative in late September. I again tested negative in mid-November. Both tests were 4th generation.

About two weeks after exposure I felt very fatigued and took a couple of days off work. In July and then in September I ejaculated blood. I lost about 15 lbs, had insomnia for weeks, bruised very easily and had multiple cuts on my fingers become infected. In October I developed what appeared to be thrush on my tongue for a few days. It seems to have settled in my throat the last few days. I have aches and pains in my knees and muscle fatigue. I’m sure I’ve left out a few symptoms.

If I did go through seroconversion in March, what would all these subsequent ailments be? Also, how could I have twice tested negative?

Any help would be greatly appreciate. Like most people whom I’ve read here, this is all weighing heavily on my mind.

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replied December 21st, 2018
There are so many people going through exact same thing with potential exposure and symptoms but still testing negative

What is your exact exposure and what are all the symptoms you had?
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