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Serious Marijuana Withdrawel problems

i am 19 and have been smoking marijuana from the age of 17 until now.
I do not know where to start... i started smoking because of serious depression (i have done another post about my problems but this is about my drug problem)... after about a year of smoking i totally lost my confidence and everything.
My mind does not feel right anymore.. when i walk through town i just feel dead and i can hear voices in a strange way. I have lost my ability to talk properly and what really upsets me is my voice feels like it has gone.. i cant project my voice and it just constantly feels weak and soft with no base at all. I have quit for a few weeks now and everything is just so strange. My words are also always jumbled up now.

Have i developed a mental illness? or do i just have to wait until the marijuana is fully out my system?

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replied April 14th, 2011
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