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Septorhinoplasty & Septal Button Insertion

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Hi, I had a fall when I was younger and the hospital did not recognise my nose was broken, but as I grew I then had trouble with my nose and it turned out it was broke and the bone was blocking my right nostril. After an operation when I was 18 to fix this I ended up in casualty as the bleeding did not stop, and there was alot of pain and discomfort for a long while after and most of my right nostril is still blocked with the bone! It has been 6 years since the operation and I have been experiencing a problem with scabs and crusts in the nose, sometimes I have to blow my nose so hard to get rid of this to help me breath through my nose that it gives me a headache and earache. I was referred to the hospital and had my appointment yesterday, I was told that I needed a Septorhinoplasty & Septal Button Insertion! And I was shocked to hear that a hole had developed in the Septum! Just some questions If anyone could answer them please as I was just blank at the hospital and forgot to ask these key questions. I have been told to think about wether not I want to proceed with this operation:
1. What are the risks of not having this operation?
2. What are the risks if I do have the operation?
3. Where this hole actually lead to??
4. What symtoms can this hole in the septum cause?
5. Should I be as worried as I am!?!?

Thank you
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