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septate hymen

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i have just found out the fact that i have a septate hyman, although it has not been diagnosed yet. i do have trouble removing tampons as it says online that i would. i do know that not all online information is exact, so should i go to a doctor and get it removed? if so, about how much would this operation cost?
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replied January 20th, 2009
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You should visit your doctor about have the surgery as i can't find any information about how much it would cost.....your doctor will tell you if you need surgery or if it will break on it's own..(with sexual intercourse) Jenny
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replied January 26th, 2010
Hey I had a septate hymen but got it removed yesterday.
So let me see.

First I had to go to the doctors before I could see a gynecologist. That cost $20.

Next was the consultation with my gynecologist, this cost us $150 but because we have medicare we got $68 back.

Then the actual surgery came out as approximately $250, but because we have private health cover we didn't have to pay a thing.

So for me, the total was $102. If you don't have medicare or any health cover, you're looking at about $420.
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