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OK so i had a ct scan which showed nothing but a sinus infection which i was pleased with, i recently had an eeg and she didnt tell me the result yet but it kind of made me realise the symptoms i have been having were reproduced when under testing (no shaking just like my brain wasnt getting enough oxygen or somethig like a electric shock) so maybee i have been having sensor seizures? i also get alot of headaches where the pain comes from my right nostril and right eye (ive always assumed from this sinus infection that never goes away -i am also waiting for surgeory for this) i have to wait two months to see my neurologist and am worried that the ct scan would have mised something if this is the case would it be only a small tumour? and not too life threatning i am only 28 yo and have kids im really worried i should be healty and not having any of theese problems
sorry for poor spelling and grammer

please advise and best wishes to all and good luck with everything

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