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sensitivity to sounds, anxiety and strange brain sensation?

I'll try to explain this decently, it's a strange experience that sounds to me like SSRI cessation "brain zaps" but im not on any medication at all. I hope this makes sense lol.

more easily when I'm tired, but not exclusively, I seem to get easily overstimulated by sounds especially. for instance I'm tired and just had to leave my living room because my room mates watching a movie and with every sound I get this horrible feeling. I've always gotten this feeling but it seems to be happening more easily, maybe just because I've been relatively stressed and working quite a bit.

when I hear sounds coming from multiple directions, loud sounds or sounds of certain higher pitches, I get these "zappy" feelings in my head, the best way I can describe it haha. I see these sort of pulsing spider Web type visuals that accompany the zappy feelings. if it gets bad or I don't remove myself from the sounds, I feel the zaps throughout whole body and eventually start to feel weak and shakey as if I'd just had way too much caffeine. sometimes I get dizzy and nauseous. the sounds don't actually hurt my ears, they just cause this weird electric shock effect. this also makes me nervous and irritable comparable to the feeling one gets when one really, really "needs" a cigarette.

it's most obvious and unbearable with sounds but also sometimes lights of they come from multiple sources, or a mixture of stimuli like a relatively bright light that wouldn't normally bother me + a sound of a certain pitch that wouldn't normally bother me. certain types of complex music also have this effect, like most classical music or complicated guitar solos.

I also tend to have issues hearing certain lower pitches - women speaking are generally much easier for me to understand than men, the lower the pitch the more difficult it is for me to essentially translate the words being spoken into something I can understand, if that makes sense.

it's not a horribly crippling affliction or anything, I tend to calm down if I can retreat to dark/dim light and near quiet for a few minutes. I'm just wondering exactly what the hell this is and what the cause might be because it seems as though no one knows what I'm talking about when I try to explain it and I haven't spoken to anyone about it who also experiences this.
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