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sensitivity to imagined smells

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I have migraine with hemiplegia and am sometimes very sensitive to smells. However, lately I have been imagining smells which stay with me for a very long time. For example, I have been haunted by the smell of spearmint for the last 36 hours - even using a perfume does not mask it. I know that there is no mint nearby, that the smell is 'locked' into my nostrils so to speak, but it is really disturbing me. I have a low grade headache - not a migraine - for the same length of time. Yesterday, my left arm trembled for most of the day and I had a weak grip, but that has passed. I don't want to make too much of the shakes as it didn't disturb me too much. I have been having more frequent migraine attacks over the last six months with recurrent dizziness. Any ideas? I've been to my oown doctor so often I think he'll feel I'm just an annoyance if I go back with this. Thanks

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