Trying to narrow down what my issue may be. I'll start with the history so you get a full understanding. Also what I am really looking for is a direction and what tests I should have set up to actually find a cause.

Ten years ago (I was 23) I started having acid reflux issues and severe pain. It didn't dawn on me back then it could be the chewing tobacco or vast amounts of soda pop I was consuming. So long story short the Doctor back then put me on Nexum and I was on it for nearly a decade. When my son was born (1 year ago) I decided to quit the tobacco and start eating healthier. I haven't had a chew and stay away from soda now, plus I quit taking my Nexum about 9 months ago and haven't had any issue until now.

Here recently I have started becoming nauseous in the morning. No vomiting just an extremely sensitive stomach. Anxiety makes it worse and at times I get what seem to be flu like symptoms. (Which could have actually been the flu)
Lately I have also felt very fatigued and have a hard time focusing on tasks. It has got so bad at times I pace the floor just feeling like I'm going to fall over and pass out. I also can't too far from a restroom because at times I get pretty violent bowel movements that come on fast.

The last time I went into my doctor (a month ago) she told me gluten was my issue and I needed to cut it out of my diet. Well I can't say I have been completely gluten free but for the last month I have ingested probably 1% of what I used to and it seems to have helped but for sure not an end all for whatever the issue is. Over the last few moths I have had the following symptoms and I am not sure if they are related but I will list them anyway.

* Loss of vision and dizziness 2-4 times
* Severe headache (Usually after the vision issue)
* Fatigue
*Sever stomach cramps
* Violent bowel movements
* Shortness of breath
* Mussel tension and burning between the shoulder blades
*Acidic urination
* Soft acidic stool
* Various flu symptoms

I had a full physical 6 months ago and did a lot of blood work, my Doctor said it all came back text book perfect. I am a tall slim person with a few extra pounds but wouldn't be considered obese or fat. I am active but I do work a desk job and get some days in a row of inactivity.

So at this point I figure my best bet would be to see a gastrointestinal specialist but sadly they are booked out for months and I am in need of some relief now.
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replied February 8th, 2011
Hello and thank you for posting your medical question on E health Forum.

Based on the history and the description of the cramps and specifically, in absence of major symptoms like fever, loss of weight, appetite, bloody stools, etc, you may be having Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a chronic functional disorder characterized by cramping abdominal pain or discomfort with alterations in bowel habits (bloating, constipation, and diarrhea). These symptoms usually are present for at least 12 weeks in a patient during the previous one year, and unfortunately the onset or subsidence cannot be predicted.

IBS is diagnosed by its signs and symptoms and by the absence of other diseases. IBS does not cause any permanent damage or any serious illness but the symptoms cause severe discomfort & distress affecting an individuals work, ability to travel and attend social events.

Most symptoms of IBS can be controlled with diet, stress management, and prescribed medications (laxatives, antidiarrheals, antispasmodics, or antidepressants).

For symptom relief, you may consider to take antacids for acid relief, activated charcoal for bloating and stomach gas issues.

You may consider to consult your physician or a gastroenterologist for counselling if you have any additional doubts.

I hope you find this helpful.

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replied February 18th, 2011
First I would like to thank the good doctor for the copy and paste response, apparently you didn't read what I wrote. IBS is not my issue and by elimination diet we have actually got it figured out. There were 2 issues causing my illness and making me fell like walking dead everyday.

Gluten I would say is what was causing my fatigue and some of my stomach issues for sure but the main culprits were the fake sugars. Splenda, Equal, sucralose, aspartame, or what ever you want to call them were huge culprits in my daily nausea / stomach problems. I avoid anything sugar free and and use Stevia or Truvia in my coffee and have no issue. To ensure thats my actual issue and not a coincidence I am still on a gluten free diet and I go a few days without any sugar free items then on the 3rd day introduce some in to see what happens. EVERYTIME I wake up with a very sensitive stomach and feeling very uncomfortable.

To anyone else with this issue I suggest going on an elimination diet to find your issue. Eat only whole foods that have not had any genetic modifying or processing. I wish I would have done this years ago and saved thousands of dollars on prescriptions that probably did more damage than good to my body.
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