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Sensitive gag reflex

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i am not even sure where this issue fits but hopefully ill get an answer.

so all my life ive had a sensitive gag reflex. going to the dentist, swimming, terrible smells, and a few other reasons would trigger my gag reflex. however its never been that bad, just super sensitive to the above factors. i just went to mexico for spring break and had what i think was very slight food poisoning. my stomache was always slightly queasy/nauseous and whenever i started drinking i would start dry heaving cause of my gag reflex. i thought that was normal at first, since my body obviously did not want alcohol. when i got back home though, my gag reflex was going crazy. every like 30 minutes to an hour i would feel myself about to dry heave and have had to hold back with water, mints, salt, and w/e else i could get my hands on. it really is reacting to nothing. for example while studying i suddenly started dry heaving. this really makes no sense to me and is getting quite irritating. does anyone know what is going with me?

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