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semen could have made its way in and found the egg?

So today, my girlfriend and I had a house to ourselves... we don't necessarily have sex, we both agree we aren't ready, but we basically have sex just without my penis going into her vagina... so I guess we have foreplay until the point of climax... Well, we were going for about an hour today... we both climaxed twice... I think after the first time I came, There was still some on my penis that trickled down the shaft. She sat on top of me and took my penis inbetween her vaginal lips... so not necessarily in her vagina... But, is it possible that the semen I had could have made its way into her hole and found the egg?
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replied July 28th, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
hi, anything is possible but if u r accurate then not at all likely, could get a emergency i pill to be sure
good luck to both
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